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Rule 1: Offensive language Any member of Pkerslyfe is strictly forbidden from using offensive language towards any member of staff, or player.
Rule 2: Spam Any message that is stupid, pointless, or annoying is forbidden, your post rights will be removed for breaking this rule. Rule 3: Bug abuse Using bugs to your advantage will get you permanently banned. Rule 4: Asking for a Staff position Asking for a staff position will get you muted ingame, and your post rights removed. Rule 5: Asking for items, levels, gold Asking for any items, levels or gold will get you muted by the moderators of this forum Rule 6: Racism We do not permit Racist's amongst our forum, this community is a all-race community. You will be permanently banned from all servers, and the forum. Rule 7: Flame Flaming, or arguing on the forum will have your post rights removed for 24 hours, and a infraction.[ Rule 8: False Reports False reporting someone on Pkerslyfe servers will get you banned, please stay 100% honest while reporting a rule breaker. Rule 9: Asking for Staff to help you with ingame actions  Pkerslyfe staff's job is to help the players if they have a problem with something, they can not help you with quests, leveling, or anything of that matter, they can give advice, and tell you where things are, but they cannot help you complete those actions. Rule 10: Verbal Abuse towards staff We do not tolerate any Verbal abuse towards staff, you will be permanently banned from all Pkerslyfe servers, and forums.

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